Massages - Maven Spa | The Best Luxury Day Spa in Dubai


1Maven Spa Signature Massage (60mins/90mins)
A full body massage incorporating traditional Balinese style techniques and luxurious aromatherapy oils. Acupressure, skin rolling and smoothing strokes combined with your choice of aromatic essential oil will leave your mind and body in a complete sense of relaxation.
2Pregnancy Massage (60mins/90mins)
In a time of constant growth and change, this massage will help your body cope with the muscle tension and aches which are associated with pregnancy. Special attention will be given to the shoulders, back hips and feet to ensure utter relaxation and dissolve stiffness and knots.
3Warm Stone Massage (60mins/90mins)
Heated volcanic stones are smoothed over the body, massaging away muscle tension and easing stress. This treatment is suitable for deep muscle and tissue relaxation, as the warmth from the stones is absorbed by the body leaving you feeling rested and renewed.
4Tension Relief Massage (30 mins)
A deep tissue massage focusing on the head, back and shoulder to completely alleviate tension and muscle aches. Recommended for those who spend long hours behind a desk or driving.
5Healing Massage (60mins/90mins)
A full body massage combining Balinese, Swedish and Thai style techniques. Vigorous muscle stretching, pulling, and pressure point massage will aid in alleviating muscle tension, muscle strain and knots that may occur as a result of sports activity.
6Hand and Foot Reflexology (30 mins)
An age-old Chinese pressure point massage whereby therapists will stimulate certain areas in the feet and hands in order to increase circulation and leave you feeling fresh and balanced.


1Clarifying Facial (60mins)
A deep cleansing treatment designed to balance the oil production, clarify, exfoliate and thoroughly detoxify the skin.
2Anti Ageing Facial (60mins)
Probiotic and botanical actives combat wrinkles and restores elasticity resulting in smooth and supple skin.
3Brightening Facial (60mins)
Restore brightness and even-toned skin with a whitening treatment targeting hyper-pigmentation, the removal of dark spots and acne scarring on the surface of the skin.
4Hydrating Facial (60mins)
Banish dull, dehydrated skin with this luxurious treatment incorporating moisture infused products and gentle exfoliation to reveal plump, firm and radiant skin.
5Maven All Natural Facial (60mins)
A luxurious facial treatment containing fresh ingredients in order to gently cleanse, restore and renew your skin’s natural glow.

Body Scrubs

1Lulur Scrub (60mins)
A traditional Indonesian bridal ritual combining turmeric, sandalwood and finely ground magnolia flowers to gently slough away dead skin cells leaving you glowing from head to toe.
2Maven Cleansing Body Scrub (60mins)
A head to toe exfoliation ritual, whereby dead skin cells is gently sloughed away revealing soft, supple nourished skin.

Beauty Treatment Package

1Anti Cellulite Package (90mins)
An intense massage and scrub treatment designed to combat cellulite, tone, and smoothen the appearance of your skin.
2Mother-to-be Package (120mins)
A relaxing massage and facial created to alleviate tension and body aches and leave you feeling calm and refreshed.
3Maven Pamper Package (120mins)
Pamper yourself with a full body treatment (massage or scrub) and facial guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed.