About Maven Spa - Maven Spa | The Best Luxury Day Spa in Dubai

Our History

Maven Spa’s origin can be traced back to the 1990s when it was a part of luxury resorts scattered throughout the Maldives and Seychelles. In order to satisfy increasing client demand, a decision was made to introduce the brand within the UAE; a small part of the world which was at the time under rapid development. To date, we have established 4 successful branches within the UAE, our clientele ranging from the local folk to the expatriates to our international tourists. We pride ourselves on a high standard of professionalism when delivering treatments. Respecting the conservative nature and the cultural aspects of the UAE, our treatments are conducted under strict company guidelines with male clients being treated by our professionally trained male therapists and likewise our female clients treated by our professionally trained female therapists.

We have branches that are exclusively catering to females and males as well as a unisex branch for our international clients. Maven Spa has strong ties with Indonesia, with our signature massages and rituals deriving from traditional Balinese techniques and practices. Thus our treatments are very much focused on the power of hands and restoring wellness and health through expert touch obtained through years of training. We have always believed that the clients are the focus of our operations. Therefore, we take customer feedback very seriously and consistently; creating new treatments, tying up with new brands and constantly updating our treatment menu to satisfy client demands.